Set IP Defaults Script

In order to configure a Mikrotik Node or Sector using the Ethernet interface, it is generally necessary to have an IP address (normally, a DNS server, and a default route. The default-ip.rsc script is a simple script that configures these three items. This script does not require any parameters.

After configuring your Ethernet interface, use the following command to install this script.

/tool fetch url="" mode=http

Use one of the following two commands to execute this script. The first command resets the device prior to running the script. Note that this will terminate your connection, and you will not be able to reconnect to the device until the script has completed. The second command allows you to watch as the script is executed.

/system reset-configuration no-defaults=yes run-after-reset=default-ip.rsc
/import verbose=yes file=default-ip.rsc

Use the following command to view the contents of the script after it has been downloaded. (Note that this does not work for any script longer than 4K bytes.)

put [/file get default-ip.rsc contents]