Connecting Node to Sector

After you have configured your client Node, set up your Node on a mast or tripod, and connected your equipment, you can connect to a HamWAN Sector. This involves aiming your antenna in the general direction of the node, directing you node to begin scanning for a wireless signal, slowly rotating your antenna until a wireless signal is received, and then slowly rotating your antenna to maximize the wireless signal strength. The following steps provide further detail:
  • Aim your antenna towards the Sector.
  • Connect a web browser to the IP address of your Node (normally and login. Click on the Terminal tab near the upper right of the window, and enter the following command:

    /interface wireless scan 0

    The following will be displayed while the radio is searching for a signal:

    The following will be displayed once the radio has found a signal:

  • Click on the Quick Set tab tab near the upper right of the window, and scroll down to the lower portion of the window to view the signal strength graphically. Use this to optimize the aiming of your antenna.