Coverage Maps

One way to estimate coverage for a particular location is to utilize coverage maps.
  • Open State of the Puget Sound Data Ring.
  • Drag the map until Portland is near the center.
  • Click on the + button near the bottom right of the map to Zoom In.
  • Continue to Drag and Zoom In until sufficient detail is visible for the desired location.
  • As noted below the map, Red "coverage areas" indicate a signal level of -70 dBm or better when using the 30 dBi recommended client antenna at 30 ft above ground. A signal level of -70 dBm or stronger will support full speed, about 10 Mbps in areas with clear line of sight and no interference. Non-red areas with line of sight may have weak signal and decreased speeds.

Note that the coverage maps should be used for guidance only, and are not a guarantee of coverage. It is even possible that coverage will vary based on season, since folliage on trees can interfere with coverage.